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Why I ❤️ my Kenwood Chef

March 16, 2015


I love kitchen gadgets, anything that will save me time in the kitchen and will give me more time to create and just cook.

I had wanted a stand mixer for a long time. I would go into Peter Jones and gaze longingly at the beautiful Kitchenaids in their multitude of colours; apple red, midnight blue, crystal blue; and Kenwood Chefs which looked so majestic and professional, imagining how one would look in my kitchen.

It was my birthday last November, and I thought ‘lifes far too short for all this contemplating,’ I am treating myself to the stand mixer of my dreams!

So I headed to Peter Jones knowing I was going to get a Kitchenaid. One of my best friends had one and loved it, Nigella had one, even the Great Bake Off used them. But I came home that day with a Kenwood Chef. 

Im not sure exactly what happened that day, but I was swayed. I guess for me it came down to tradition, a bit of patriotism (the Kenwood Chef is a British brand and was first introduced in 1950 by a man named ‘Ken Wood’) and most importantly price. The Kenwood Chef was £164.99, the cheapest Kitchenaid available was £379.00. Both have great reputations, do the job well and look good. 

So did I make the right choice for me? Was it worth it? The answer is a big definate yes!

I use my Kenwood Chef at least three or four times a week! My cakes and cookies are so much more professional looking and tasting. My sponges and breads are more fluffy, my sauces more creamy and my potatoe purée is just dreamy. I am more adventurous in what I chose to make because I have my handy Chef to help.

The Kenwood Chef comes with many useful attachments, I’ve already bought and use the citrus press, and am planning on getting the ice cream making attachment for the summer. Im going to make ‘Turkish coffee’ ice cream! 

A good stand mixer is an investment, it is quite big, but looks lovely in my kitchen. If you love to cook and bake, and do these things often, buy one! You will not regret it! 

Enjoy! xxxxxx

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