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Homemade alternatives for store bought treats

March 15, 2015

I read an article in the news just now that some cereal bars aimed at children contain 40% of sugar! That is a lot of sugar.

I know it is difficult with kids; there is so much out there just saying ‘buy me’ and ‘eat me’ and as parents we do just that to keep our little ones happy, and in return get a little peace and quiet. But if we could just replicate what was sold in the stores, at home. With a little tweaking here and there lower the amount of sugar our kids eat but still keep it tasty and looking good, maybe we are moving in the right direction.

Since I started this blog I have stopped buying my boys chocolates and sweets. On my weekly Ocado shop the mini Kinder bars and multi pack of mini Haribos were in my favourites so I always bought them, but I am becoming more aware of healthy substitutes for sugar, and how easy it is to sway kids in the right direction. 

I know I can never remove these brand name goodies from their diets completely, and I dont think thats a good thing anyway, but by making more things to substitute these sugar filled treats at home, its something positive at least.

Im off to find a sugar free, healthy alternative for the ‘cereal bar’ now! Dates, honey, oats, so many possibilites. I will try them and get back to you with a recipe. Watch this space!

Sweet dreams xxx

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