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My love for Turkish food!

March 11, 2015

Turkey and England are countries both close to my heart. They are infact the nationalities and cultures which make me who I am.

My father is English, my mother is Turkish, and I am lucky enough to have been brought up to know two countries – their cultures, languages and cuisines.

We lived in England for most of our lives but were lucky enough to visit Turkey for long holidays and so got to experience in full what both countries had to offer.

My mother being Turkish, the food we ate at home and grew up with was Turkish. My mother is a superb cook and so we were lucky enough to taste a wide variety of dishes.

Turkish cuisine is not just the ‘kebab’. It is so rich in fresh ingredients, cooking methods and variety because Turkey has been influenced by such a wide number of cultures.

Its Ottoman heritage has brought Turkish food influences from Turkic, Arabic, Greek, Armenian and Persian cuisines. Then there are the influences of its neighbours, and also Western cuisines.

My blog is not about Turkish cuisine. Yes it will naturally have influences of Mediterranean dishes I have been brought up with, and healthy options I believe to be beneficial to kids. However, if you want to explore the rich Turkish cuisine further there are many amazing books, blogs and websites available.

My current favorite is ‘Ozlem’s Turkish Table’ – have a look and try some of the delicious recipes –

If you want to try authentic Turkish food for yourself London has a lot to offer. I will be reviewing some of the restaurants for you so watch this space!

Afiyet olsun! (‘Bon appetit’ in Turkish) xxx


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  1. Merhaba Yasemin!: ) Many thanks for mentioniny my blog, very kind! We share the love of Turkish cuisine and delighted to find your blog, all the best!:) Ozlem x

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