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Try to make time for Yoga, you won’t regret it!

March 10, 2015

We are all busy these days, life is non stop! Kids, work, cooking, cleaning, relationships, emails, Facebook…the list is endless. But every now and again you just need to stop and find some peace.

That peace of mind for me is Yoga. My weekly treat for my mind and body. It is an hour of the whole week where I can just stop thinking and let my mind wander, relax and unwind. 

Varsha Khatri is my instructor. She is sweet and gentle, and her soft voice and experienced instruction makes your mind relax, and your body bend into the moves with ease. I suprised my boys the other day by showing them how I can do a handstand, they were very impressed! 

The setting for the lessons is also important. Set in a beautiful old outhouse once used as stables, the whitewashed walls, high ceilings and numerous windows looking onto the leafy trees outside gives you a feeling of inner calm.

For those in the area details of lessons can be found on Varsha’s company website below. For those around the country and around the world spare a little time for Yoga, get a dvd, find a local class, everyone needs a little time to just relax.

Enjoy! xxxx


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