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Coconut Water – Refreshingly  tropical ! 

March 10, 2015

I first tried coconut water at a weekend farmers market. It looked beautiful, the whole coconut with the top cut open, and a straw sticking out for you to enjoy the delicious juices inside. The juice is not the milky creamy liquid you might imagine, thats coconut milk. The pure water like liquid inside the coconut has a very mild nutty taste, and is so refreshing.

It is said to be very good for you, reports say that it is naturally fat and cholesterol free, contains more potassium than several bananas and is very hydrating. A favourite with athletes worldwide.

My boys have tried it but it wasn’t very popular on its own. It is an aquired taste. However, by adding it to fresh fruit or vegetable juices, or banana based milk shakes, you can keep the coconutty flavour and add other tastes to make a super vitamin filled refreshing drink!

Here is my recipe thats super scrumptious!


– 2 beetroot

– 4 carrots

– 3 stalks of Chard

– 1 apple

– 1 small bottle of pure Coconut water

Method –

Juice up all the vegetables & apple. Then pour in as much Coconut water as you like!

Enjoy! xxxxxxxx

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