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A cheap healthy snack in Central London! Simit & Ayran

March 8, 2015

Anyone who has been to London will know that not much can be classed as cheap. Well what if I told you of an affordable healthy snack which is utterly delicious and filling, and that can be found on one of the busiest shopping streets in London.

Simit is the Turkish equivalent of the US bagel, and it is a Turkish institution. It is a circular bread covered in crunchy sesame seeds and baked in the oven until the seeds turn the bread a golden brown on the outside and soft, fluffy and cloud white on the inside. Eaten as a sandwich with a variety of fillings ranging from feta cheese and sliced tomatoes, cheddar cheese, olive paste; it will give you a taste of what the healthy Mediterranean diet has to offer.

My children adore simits plain, as they are, and enjoy a cold cup of Ayran alongside. Ayran is also available at Simit Sarayi on Oxford Street, another Turkish institution, some may say Turkey’s national drink. It is pure health and refreshment; yogurt and water mixed together and seasoned with a little salt. No sugar, no additives, no colourings. If you do fancy something sweet however the homemade lemonade made from freshly squeezed lemons is also delicious!

After opening its first store outside Turkey in New York and becoming a big hit in the Big Apple, Simit Sarayi has now opened its doors to us in London. If you are off to Oxford Street to do some shopping, pop in and taste the Mediterranean. You will not regret it!


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  1. D'one permalink

    Yum, thanks! can’t wait to try it.

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