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Spring’s hottest way to feel fantastic – eat ‘fairly clean’

March 4, 2015

I just read a great article in my favourite Red magazine entitled ‘Mindful Eating’ by Xanthe Clay.

There are so many opinions out there right now about what to eat, what not to eat. It is so confusing for us parents to know what is acceptable, what is ‘healthy’. We all try our best to limit chocolate and sweets, add more vegetables and fruit whenever we can, but its definitely not easy.

I liked this article because it summarised ‘clean eating’ by making it ‘fairly clean’ by sticking to these basic rules –

“1. Think about what you are eating, is it healthy and delicious?

2. Dont buy bread and biscuits, try to make your own, that way you know whats in it!

3. Vegetables should be the main focus of meals, meat the garnish.

4. Use less refined sugar. Use honey instead.

5. Reduce refined carbohydrates. Eat quinoa and bulgur instead of white rice and pasta.”

Read the full article in this month’s Red Magazine. Mindful Eating by Xanthe Clay.

Sweet dreams xxx

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