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Onesies- gotta love them!

March 2, 2015

I have never been a big fan of the ‘onesie’ (or jumpsuit as its know in other parts of the world).

In my mind a onesie is made of a thick, fleece like material, is even worn by adults, is very bulky, and is best suited for use as a nativity costume in the form of a sheep, cow or donkey.

It’s pyjama day at the boys school this week. To celebrate National Book Week the little ones have to take in their all time favourite book and wear their pjs to school. They cannot wait! I couldn’t just send them in to school in their current pjs, which have all been washed about a hundred times, and where even Spiderman is looking more grey-pink than red!  It is also freezing out there despite it being Spring. So I headed to John Lewis to get a dreaded ‘onesie’ which at least would offer warmth.

I now take all I said about the onesie back. The clever people at JL have produced a pyjama onesie! Made of 100% cotton, super soft and of thin fabric. The kids loved the patterns although I thought they could have been a bit more creative, a blue tiger, really? The kids have slept in their onesie’s and love them! Hooray for the onesie! 😃

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