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Vegetable soup of the week 🍵 My mums famous vegetable soup recipe

February 28, 2015

imageVegetable Soup

Vegetable Soup – I change the vegetables I use every week but the logic to the soups recipe is the same. So here is what I made this week because this is what I got in my ‘Abel & Cole’ delivery. You can add or take away depending on what you and your kids like or dont like! Its lots of fun mixing up different vegetables to see what tastes you fuse together 😃


You must add these to each soup…

– 1 large onion diced

– 1 tablespoon olive oil

– 2 Knorr homestyle Chicken stock pots

– 2 cubes sugar

– 1 cup full fat milk

These are the veggies I used this week…

– Carrots, potatoes, leeks, spring greens, broccoli

Method –

First peel, dice and wash the vegetables.

In a large heavy pot lightly fry the onion amd olive oil until soft and tender.

Add the diced vegetables, chicken stock, sugar and fill the pot with boiling water so vegetables are slightly covered. Slowly boil at medium heat until all the vegetables are soft, check that the potatoes and carrots are soft as these take the longest.

Leave to cool, then blend altogether with a hand blender. Once blended pour in ghe milk, add salt & pepper.

Best way to get kids to eat their vegetables 👌😃🍵

Enjoy! xxx

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  1. Aylin permalink

    Excellent I will try

  2. Artık sana nasıl yaptın tarif verir misin diye sormayacağım🙏

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