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My Take on Tabbouleh 😃

February 28, 2015


Here is the recipe for my Tabbouleh-
1 cup of bulgur
1 bunch of fresh mint
1 bunch fresh parsley
2 bunches spring onions
2 lemons
1/4 cup of virgin olive oil

First cook the bulgur. In a saucepan put one cup of bulgur and two cups of water, add some salt. On a medium heat with lid on let the bulgur cook, mix occasionally. When all the water has been absorbed it is ready. Let it cool. Once cool add the olive oil and juice of two lemons, salt & pepper and mix well.

In the food processor, with the big chopping blade, finely chop the mint and parsley. Add to large dish. Then by hand finely chop the spring onions. Dont put these in the FP as they go mushy. Add to the mint & parsley. Mix.

Finally add the bulgur to the mint, parsley & onion mix and mix well. Keep in fridge :))

Enjoy xxxxxxxx

From → Salads

  1. Bugün yapacağımm

  2. This looks delicious! I love tabbouleh, and I can see how the spring onions would add an extra kick.

    • Thank you! Yes its absolutely delicious, my kids love it too! I prefer spring onions to red onions in this dish. Also make sure you chop the spring onions by hand, not in a food processor. Enjoy! xxx

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